The House

Staying in the house is like staying at a friend’s place.

The Tiszavirág Szeged is a unique place in Hungary where design and tradition in gastronomy and architecture
come together.

The new additions to the building are separated from the old with a glass wall. The former hat-making/shoe-making salon now hosts our café. What was once the cook-shop has been transformed into a gourmet bar & restaurant, where the menu reflects a fine blend of the region’s cuisine. In the hotel inner court we have a show-kitchen. On the lower ground floor we have a spa, which boasts a traditional sauna, a sea-climate room, a “tepidarium” , a steam cabin and a relaxation room.

History of the House

The Balassa-house had been a part of the great Balassa estate, including Kistelek and Sándorfalva, before becoming state-owned. Salamon politzer goldsmith built it in 1858-59. The Balassa-house is one of those romantic-style buildings from the 1860s, where little is known about those craftsmen who demonstrated splendid taste and knowledge in architecture, applied arts and decoration. The building’s balcony is volute, and the stair’s bannister reflects renaissance influence. As for its function, it used to be a commercial-civil house, where Soma Bak and Lajos Pollák used to practise law at the beginning of the 1950s. The building became state-owned in 1952.